Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Story - Capris


01 Dick Clark TV Intro 
02 There's A Moon Out Tonight
03 Dick Clark Interview
04 Where I Fell In Love
05 God Only Knows (Demo)
06 Indian Girl
07 Some People Think
08 Tears In My Eyes 
09 Why Do I Cry
10 God Only Knows (Unreleased Version)
11 My Island In The Sun
12 Girl Of My Dreams
13 Darling (Demo)
14 Hum Diddley Dee Do (Unreleased) 
15 Stars In The Sky (Unreleased)
16 The Way I Love (Unreleased)
17 It Happened This Time Last Year (Unreleased)
18 This Time It's Love (Unreleased)
19 Limbo
20 From The Vine Came The Grape 
21 Don't Twist With Anyone Else But Me (Clay Cole)
22 Twist Around The Clock (Clay Cole) 
23 I Kinda Like You (Unreleased)
24 That Girl In My Heart (Unreleased) 
25 There's A Moon Out Tonight (Live 1985)
26 Are You Happier Now (Demo)
27 Love Poems (Unreleased))
28 Morse Code Of Love (Live 1982)
29 This Is Romance (Unreleased) 
30 There's A Moon Out Again (Live 1982)