Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come Back Baby Blues – Blenders


01  Come Back Baby Blues
02  I Can Dream, Can't I
03  Gone
04  Honeysuckle Rose
05  Count Every Star
06  Would I Still Be The One In Your Heart
07  I'm So Crazy For Love 
08  What About Tonight 
09  The Masquerade Is Over
10  Little Small Town Girl
11  All I Gotta Do Is Think Of You 
12  The Busiest Corner In My Hometown 
13  I'd Be A Fool Again
14  Just A Little Wax With Me
15  My Heart Will Never Forget
16  You Do The Dreaming
17  Never In A Million Years 
18  Memories Of You 
19  If That's The Way You Want It Baby
20  I Don't Miss You Anymore 
21  Isn't It A Shame
22  Please Take Me Back
23  You'll Never Be Mine Again
24  Don't Play Around With Love 
25  Don't Play Around With Love (alt) 
26  Somebody's Lyin'
27  Kansas Kapers