Monday, September 29, 2014

One Summer Night – Danleers

One Summer Night - 26 front

Brooklyn's Danleers had a single hit, the brilliantly moony "One Summer Night." The 25 performances here trace the group's attempts to recapture the spotlight on a variety of labels (Smash, Mercury, Epic, etc.) from 1958 to 1964. Lead singer Jimmy Weston's smooth, full-throated performances on pleading pop ballads make The Danleers perfect for slow dancin'. But "I Can't Sleep" is up 'n' at 'em, and 1960's "Little Lover," with its twangy guitar, sounds like the inspiration for Elvis's "Little Sister" a year later. (allmusic)

01  One Summer Night
02  My Flaming Heart
03  Prelude To Love 
04  Wheelin' And A-Dealin'
05  A Picture Of You
06  I Really Love You
07  You're Everything
08  Whole Mess Of Trouble 
09  Just Look Around
10  I Can't Sleep
11  Your Love 
12  Half A Block From An Angel
13  If You Don't Care
14  Little Lover 
15  I'll Always Believe In You
16  The Light Of Love
17  I'll Be Forever Yours 
18  I'm Looking Around 
19  Foolish
20  The Angels Sent You
21  Were You There
22  If
23  Where Is Love
24  Think It Over Baby 
25  Love, You Better Leave Me Alone