Monday, October 6, 2014

Motor-City Detroit Doo-Wops – Diablos


The Diablos with their 1954 classic "The Wind" are revered among R&B and doo wop lovers. The group had a unique sound, centered around the high ethereal lead tenor voice of Nolan Strong. Besides "The Wind," The Diablos were known for many songs, such as "Adios My Desert Love," "Can't We Talk This Over," "Mambo of Love," "If I," "Harriet," "I Am With You," "Goodbye Matilda," "I Wanna Know," "Beside You," "Mind Over Matter," and many more. (allmusic)

Volume 1

01  The Wind
02  Daddy Rockin' Strong
03  I Wanna Know 
04  Blue Moon 
05  I Really Love You
06  Hold Me Until Eternity
07  Route 16
08  Danny Boy 
09  Mind Over Matter
10  The Way You Dog Me Around
11  Yeah Baby, it's Because of You 
12  You're the Only Girl, Delores
13  Ooh Ooh Those Eyes 
14  Adios, My Desert Love 
15  Everything They Said Came True 
16  Beside You
17  If I Oh I 
18  Someday
19  You Are
20  Baby Be Mine 
21  A Teardrop From Heaven
22  That's What You're Doing to Me 
23  The Mambo of Love
24  Since You're Gone
25  Try Me One More Time

Volume 2

01  For Old Time Sake
02  Jump Shake & Move
03  An Old Fashioned Girl 
04  I Am With You
05  What You Gonna Do
06  Harriet
07  My Kind of Lovin'
08  I Wanna Know 
09  Daddy 'Nolan' Strong
10  Ali Coochi
11  The Wind (Outtake) 
12  Adios, My Desert Love (1953 Demo) 
13  Harriet, it's You
14  Remember Me
15  Do You Remember What You Did
16  White Christmas 
17  Come Home, Little Girl
18  Can We Talk This Over 
19  My Heart Will Always Belong to You
20  Village of Love 
21  The Way You Dog Me Around (Acappella)
22  Goodbye Mathilda
23  Are You Sincere 
24  Rockin Robin 
25  I Don't Care 
26  So Long