Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mary Lee – Rainbows


One of Washington, D.C.'s pioneering vocal groups, the Rainbows recorded three singles titled after women's names: "Mary Lee," "Shirley," and "Minnie." "Mary Lee" was released on Morgan "Bobby" Robinson's Red Robin label in 1955; the Rainbows on that record consisted of lead singer Ronald "Posie" Miles, John Berry, and other unknown members who left after the release ran its course. Red Robin leased "Mary Lee" to Pilgrim Records, who promoted it into a small regional hit. For its follow-up, "Shirley" (1956), Berry recruited Chester Simmons and Don Covay to form the lineup most associated with the group. Copies of "Shirley" can be found on three different labels -- Pilgrim, Argyle, and Red Robin -- but none did it any justice. (allmusic)

01  Mary Lee
02  You Broke My Heart 
03  Hold My Hand 
04  Minnie 
05  Evening
06  Shirley
07  Come On Back 
08  Have A Ball
09  They Say
10  It's Terrific
11  Love Me
12  Shake That Thing
13  Oh Boy 
14  Don't Take Away The Girl I Love
15  It Wouldn't Be Right
16  Stay
17  Can't You See I Love You So 
18  Only A Picture
19  The Telephone Is Ringing 
20  If You See Mary Lee
21  I Know 
22  Family Monkey
23  Evening (Version 2)