Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just To Be With You – Passions


An above-average white doo wop ensemble from Brooklyn, the Passions' abilities often exceeded the quality of their material. They began as the Sinceres, then changed their name to the Passions when they began recording in the late '50s. Lead vocalist Jimmy Gallagher, Tony Armato, Albie Gallone, and Vinnie Acierno comprised the group. They never managed either an R&B or pop hit, despite doing sessions for Audicon, Diamond, Jubilee, and Octavia. Their debut for Audicon, "Just to Be With You," made significant impact, but they couldn't sustain the momentum. Another beloved Passions number is "Gloria." (allmusic)

01  Just To Be With You
02  I Only Want You 
03  Gloria 
04  Made For Lovers 
05  This Is My Love 
06  One Look Is All It Took
07  Melancholy Me
08  You Don't Love Me Anymore
09  Lonely Road
10  Aphrodite 
11  Just To Be With You (Alt )
12  Jungle Drums 
13  I Gotta Know 
14  This Is My Love (Outtake)
15  I Only Want You (Outtake)
16  Beautiful Dreamer