Friday, October 10, 2014

Complete Package – Silhouettes


Although the Silhouettes only had one national hit, the enduring "Get a Job," written by group member Rick Lewis while he was stationed in West Germany during a hitch in the U.S. Army, the group had a good deal more to offer than most one-shot wonders, as this generous 30-track set makes clear. It includes "Get a Job," of course, with its iconic sha-nah-nah refrain and a solid sax break from Ronnie McGill, as well as the solid original rendition of "I Sold My Heart to the Junkman" (later a 1960 hit for the Bluebelles in an up-tempo version), the Drifters-like "Move on Over (To Another Land)," the "La Bamba"-ized "The Push," the should-have-been-a-big-hit "Headin' for the Poor House," and the goofy, infectious "Bull Frog." Also included are three previously unissued sides and some rare solo singles by Silhouettes lead singer Bill Horton. The end result is a solid, fun history of this very special singing group, making it, as the title says, the complete package. (allmusic)

01  Get A Job 
02  I Sold My Heart To The Junkman 
03  I Wanna Know 
04  Shadow 
05  Rentman
06  Move On Over 
07  I Am Lonely
08  The Push
09  Climb Every Mountain
10  Headin' For The Poor House
11  Like To See You In That Mood
12  No One Can Take Your Place
13  Gaucho Serenade 
14  Miss Thing
15  Never Will Part 
16  Workin' Hard 
17  For Your Precious Love
18  Bing Bong 
19  Which Way Did She Go
20  Vision In The Night
21  Stormy Weather
22  What Would You Do
23  Voodoo Eyes
24  Not Me Baby
25  She's Gone
26  Evelyn 
27  Wish I Could Be There 
28  Never
29  Your Love Is All I Need
30  Bull Frog