Saturday, January 17, 2015

Once In A While – Chimes


Brooklyn's Chimes, led by singer Lenny Cocco, were a first-class vocal group, capable of such lush doo wop gems as "Once in a While" and "Summer Nights" and powerful, uptown ballads like "I'm in the Mood for Love," and if they never quite became household names after forming in the mid-'50s and breaking up a decade later, they left behind a concise and consistent body of work, the highlights of which are presented here in this generous 22-track set. The group's two chart hits, "Once in a While" and "I'm in the Mood for Love," are both included, but everything here is professional and high quality, and it shows that the Chimes were far from just being a doo wop configuration. (allmusic)

01  Once In A While 
02  Summer Nights
03  Oh How I Love You So
04  Beatnik Girl 
05  I'm In The Mood For Love 
06  Only Love 
07  Let's Fall In Love 
08  Dream Girl
09  My Love
10  Paradise
11  If I Give My Heart To You
12  On The Street Where You Live
13  Two Times Two
14  Only Forever 
15  Tears And Pain
16  Show Me The Way 
17  Now Look At Who's Crying 
18  The Gypsy 
19  Who's Heart Are You Breaking Now
20  Baby's Coming Home 
21  Stop, Look And Listen 
22  Du Wap