Saturday, February 7, 2015

For Sentimental Reasons – Brown Dots


For Sentimental Reasons gathers most of the Brown Dots' cheerful, up-tempo '40s sessions for the Manor label, including "Bow Wow Wow," "Shout Brother Shout," "If I Can't Have You," and "Well Natch." At 24 tracks long, this collection of the group's hard-to-find output should satisfy die-hard fans as well as newcomers. (allmusic)

01  Sentimental Reasons
02  Bow Wow Wow
03  You're Heaven Sent 
04  Satchelmouth Baby
05  Let's Give Love Another Chance 
06  Thirty One Miles For A Nickle
07  That's What She Gets
08  Esscuchame
09  Shout Brother Shout
10  At Our Fireplace
11  Dark Town Strutters Ball 
12  Patience And Fortitude
13  Surrender 
14  If I Can't Have You
15  I'm Loving You For You
16  Please Give A Broken Heart A Break
17  Well Natch
18  Rumors Are Flying
19  You Took All Of My Love
20  I Don't Know From Nothin'
21  As Though You Don't Know 
22  I'll Close My Eyes 
23  Send Me A Dream 
24  I Want To Be Loved