Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best Of – Marcels


Lest anyone think the Marcels were a one-song phenomenon (i.e. "Blue Moon"), this CD will be a valuable learning experience, as well as delightful listening. Drawing primarily from their singles (with three LP cuts and an unissued outtake filling out the song lineup), this is a fairly dazzling array of vocal acrobatics, much of it hung around old pop standards, among them "Summertime," "That Old Black Magic," "My Melancholy Baby," and "Over the Rainbow," as well as songs of more recent vintage. Among the discoveries to be made here is a gloriously radiant recording of an otherwise "lost" Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill number called "Find Another Fool." Cornelius Harp's lead on "Summertime" is a glorious thing to hear, while the brilliantly arranged "Heartaches" -- dominated by Walt Maddox's baritone -- which managed to hit number nine nationally, manages to encompass something essentially poignant about R&B and rock & roll, and elicit a laugh or two (or three) in the process. Original producer Stu Phillips, whose subsequent career involved him in everything from the Monkees to the soundtrack of Battlestar Galactica, did a brilliant job on these tracks, which hold up very well today, the voices always out front and in your face, and just enough rhythm section and whatever lead instrument (usually a sax) to sweeten the mix and add a little punch behind the group. (allmusic)

01  Blue Moon 
02  I'll Be Forever Loving You
03  I Wanna Be The Leader 
04  That Old Black Magic
05  Honestly Sincere
06  Footprints In The Sand
07  Summertime
08  Heartaches
09  All Right, Okay, You Win 
10  Goodbye To Love 
11  Find Another Fool
12  My Melancholy Baby 
13  Sweet Was The Wine 
14  One Last Kiss
15  Friendly Loans
16  Crazy Bells
17  Blue Heartaches (Unreleased)
18  Over The Rainbow