Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gotham Recording Stars – Capris


The Capris should not be confused with their Italian counterparts, whose name was spelled similarly. This African-American group was from Philadelphia and didn't score any hits during their mid-'50s tenure on Gotham. This album includes their one near-hit, "God Only Knows," plus several good to excellent singles that weren't issued while they were recording for Gotham from 1954 to 1958. (allmusic)

01  God Only Knows
02  He Still Loves Me
03  You're Mine Again
04  How Long
05  Let's Linger Awhile
06  It's A Miracle
07  Bless You 
08  That's What You're Doing To Me 
09  It Was Moonglow 
10  She Still Loves Me 
11  My Weakness (outtake) 
12  Milk and Gin 
13  I Miss Your Love
14  Yes, My Baby Please
15  Just A Fool
16  That's What You're Doing To Me (outtake)
17  It Was Moonglow (outtake)
18  Too Poor To Love
19  Please Believe Me
20  Let's Linger Awhile (outtake)
21  My Weakness
22  Yes, My Baby Please (outtake)