Monday, June 6, 2016

Doo Wop 45s On CD 03

01  There's A Moon Out Tonight - Capris 
02  Mary Lee - Rainbows
03  Try The Impossible - Lee Andrews & The Hearts
04  Trickle Trickle - Videos
05  Deserie - Charts
06  Honey Honey - Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords
07  My Memories Of You - Harptones
08  To The Aisle [alt take] - Five Satins
09  Stay [alt vers] - Zodiacs
10  Life Can Be Beautiful - Cineramas
11  Peppermint Stick - El Chords
12  You Came To Me - Duvals 
13  Cry Baby - Scarletts 
14  Love Call - Ebonaires
15  Is It A Dream - Vocaleers
16  Moments Like This - Baltineers
17  Congratulations - Turbans
18  Hong Kong - Quinns
19  Let's Start All Over Again - Paragons
20  Fat Fat Fat Mommio - Chalets
21  When I Woke Up This Morning - Bop Chords
22  Tormented - Heartbeats
23  Long Tall Girl - Carnations
24  United - Love Notes
25  Ankle Bracelet - Pyramids


  1. Fabulous collections, much appreciated! Many thanks, Jake. Isidoro.

  2. jake, I already have alot of these tracks on the rhino doo wop boxes, is the sound quality better here??


    1. Bitrate here is 128 but sometimes 128 sounds better than 192. Why don't you download and compare ?

  3. i meant the quality of the masters, but will download and listen, thanks. is this a big collection??


    1. There are 24 volumes in this series.

  4. Thanks Jake for #3...more great stuff.

  5. yes, heylee, jake is a godsend for those of us that have an appreciation for doowop. this music is so hard to find, when it is pressed on cd, it usually goes out of print quite quickly, and, you almost never get to hear it on the radio anymore

  6. and jake, you would be in heaven if you came down to south florida, alot of the surviving members of the old doowop groups live down here, and still do shows