Friday, November 25, 2016

Vocal Group Harmony 095

01  If You Should Leave Me - Sinceres
02  Kathleen - Adelphies 
03  Get Yourself Another Fool - Tempotones 
04  Look At Me, Look At You - Fortunes
05  A Sunday Kind Of Love - Sentimentals
06  Because Of You - Erlene & Her Girlfriends 
07  Pretty Little Pretty - Senders
08  Somewhere In This World - Gaylarks
09  You Didn’t Answer My Letter - Initials 
10  Please Tell Me  - Cufflinks
11  Golly Gee - Gene Bua 
12  Double Crossin’ Baby - Robins 
13  Tell Me Why - Rockers
14  I Got A Woman’s Love - Varieteers
15  Number One Baby - Eagle Aires 
16  Angels In The Sky - Monarchs
17  On And On - Ensenadas
18  The Darkest Night - Gems
19  What Have I Done Wrong - Little Henry & The Dewdrops
20  Ride On - Empires 
21  Serenade - Nobels 
22  I Need Someone - Ray Dots
23  Pretty Baby Blues - Cardinals 
24  Time - Mirrors 
25  Angel Love - Premiers
26  My Wedding Day - Joan Scott
27  Unwanted Love - Dappers 
28  Yum, Yum - Lamplighters 
29  Hold Me, Squeeze Me - Etta James 
30  The Busiest Corner In My Hometown - Blenders


  1. Thank-you so much for your amazing blog Jake. I sincerely appreciate all of your posts and particularly love this very large collection and as this is volume 95 l am curious as to just how many there will be. When you reached volume 50 l thought that would be it but the number has risen very quickly of late. My estimation now is 100 volumes but heh with such a high quality collection like this the more the better. peter m


    1. Thank you for your nice message. This series has 129 volumes.

  2. Thank-you for getting back to me Jake. Wow! Wow! Wow! 129 volumes then l am absolutely ecstatic. Over the years there have been a number of amazing series but this in a world of it's own. The range of artists is incredible and they fill many gaps in my collection. For me the continued quality from volume one to any volume after is incredible and one thing for sure there are no throw away fill up tracks. This is probably the very best continuous collection of quality vocal group music ever put together, a time capsule if you like. Considering the title of your blog l am curious as to whether you are indeed the genius behind this series???????? Once again my sincere thank-you for the music. regards Peter


    1. Sorry Peter, I must confess that I am not the 'genius' behind these series. I'm just a humble collector.

    2. Even if you aren't the "genius" Jake you most certainly are an indispensable conduit in keeping us the fans in touch with the music at such a high level. I am a lifelong collector and 27 plus years broadcaster of the music. I have always strove to not play the "top 100" and tried to show the quality that exists. This collection is exactly what l am about so it appeals to me so highly. Thank-you once again for your blog and your choice of posts