Friday, December 2, 2016

Vocal Group Harmony 102

01  The Wayward Wind - Centennials
02  Angels In The Sky - John McKinney & The Premiers
03  Paula - Little Mojo & The Jesters
04  Give Me The Power - Five Chums
05  Sitting By My Window - Five Tinos
06  Wish I Didn’t Love You So - Clips
07  Oh Come Back Baby - Ada ''Cry Baby'' Ray & Group
08  We Haven’t A Moment To Lose - Billy Joe Royal & Group 
09  Moonrise - Royals 
10  Chinese Boogie - Hy-Tones
11  When I Fall In Love - Trickles
12  Drunk, Drunk, Drunk - Kidds
13  No Lonely Nights - George Tindley & Group 
14  That’s What You Do To Me - Dr. Rock & The Five Crowns 
15  Farewell, Farewell, Farewell - Carl Spencer & The Mellows
16  The Rockin' Chair Song - Jeromes 
17  Up On The Mountain - Jimmy Higgins &The Original Magnificents
18  My Oh My - Triangles 
19  Little Girl - Saby & The Orientals
20  Lotsa Lotsa Lovin’ - Carousels
21  Heaven And Paradise - Chants
22  Will You Be Mine - Soulations 
23  Watching The Rainbow - George Jackson & The Unisons
24  Flossie Mae - Zeroes 
25  Crying, Crying Over You - Sonny Carter & Group
26  Empty Heart - Lon McCallister & The Five Satins 
27  One Honest Love - Ruth Carroll & The Hamilton Sisters 
28  Things To Remember - Ernie Farmer & Group 
29  Tired Of Your Sexy Ways - Mac Burney & The Four Jacks 
30  Have Faith - Equations


  1. As always thank-you Jake for taking us on this amazing discovery tour of the more obscure vocal group music. 27 volumes to go and just to see each upload heightens the anticipation....... regards peter


    1. I hesitated to start posting this series because of the sound quality of some of the tracks. I'm glad you like it anyway !

  2. Jake if you compare the releases to a current recording then they are a little muddy but l look at it differently. Considering the vintage of the songs, to retain an authentic sound l expect there to be imperfections. I know my listeners expect the "snap crackle and pop" on whatever l play. I am so very grateful that you did chose to post this compilation series. I enjoy the fact that each day l open your wonderful blog there is another volume posted. As with the previous releases thank-you for the ongoing joy.