Thursday, December 29, 2016

Vocal Group Harmony 129

01  Delores - Five Willows
02  I Wrote A Letter - Serenaders 
03  Sunday Kind Of Love - Highlanders
04  By Only You - Buckeyes
05  My China Doll - Glad Rags
06  You Left Me Here To Cry - Golden Tones 
07  Mambo Fiesta - Calvaes
08  Come Go With Me - Federals 
09  Come On And Rock - Dukes
10  Rock And Roll Radio - Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds
11  I Really Really Love You - Crows 
12  Let Her Go Man - Minor Chords 
13  L-O-V-E - Tony Moon & The Aktones
14  Dear Liz - Ray Artis 
15  Mama - Five Keys
16  You're On Top - Empires 
17  I'm A Fool - Sherry Gibbs & The Hearts 
18  I Wonder - Crystals
19  If Love Was Money - Tony Allen & The Wanderers
20  Rain Is The Teardrops Of Angels - King Odom Four
21  Junior - Moonglows
22  Summertime Angel - Four Epics 
23  Hey Girl - Knight Beats 
24  Oh My Angel - Kit Kats
25  Just To Make You Mine - Carol Cummings & Group
26  You're My Love - Paddles
27  The Wings Of An Angel - Bradford Dennis & Group 
28  What's Your Excuse - Charts
29  Teen Bride - Coachmen
30  Even Now - Bill Tennyson & Group


  1. This is the final volume in this series.
    Big thanks to Wayne.

  2. Many thanks to all. Well, it was a big trip, but very enjoyable. Isidoro.

  3. Thank you Jake and Wayne and anyone else for this series. Wonder why it stopped at 129? (and not an even number?)

    1. The only explanation I can come up with is that the compiler didn't know what to do further ...

  4. Tons of enjoyable listening and even though I've been a huge fan for years there's many tracks on this series I've never heard of. Thanks!

  5. Wayne and Jake, Can't thank you enough. Happy New Year

  6. Many, many thanks to Jake and Wayne for this huge series of great music.

  7. Jake and Wayne, thanks for sharing this great comp...great stuff.

  8. Thank-you ever so much for posting this epic collection of volumes Jake. Many thanks goes out to Wayne for compiling all 129 volumes. For me l feel that this is arguably the best group of compilations put together for the preservation of Vocal Group Rhythm & Blues. 129 volumes certainly has added a huge number of new songs to my collection and l will be forever grateful. Again thank-you both. Take care and l look forward to the next surprise from your blog Jake.