Sunday, January 1, 2017

Four Buddies

01  Just To See You Smile Again
02  I Will Wait 
03  Why At A Time Like This 
04  Don't Leave Me Now
05  Sweet Slumber
06  My Summer's Gone
07  Moonlight In Your Eyes
08  It Could Have Been Me
09  Close To You
10  Window Eyes 
11  I'm Yours
12  I Love You, Yes I Do 
13  Sweet Tooth For My Baby 
14  Heart And Soul 
15  Sin (It's No Sin) 
16  Simply Say Goodbye
17  Story Blues 
18  Nothin' Shakin' Baby 
19  You're Part Of Me 
20  What's The Matter With Me
21  You Left Me Blue
22  Ooh-Ow
23  Got Everything I Need But You 
24  My Mother's Eyes
25  I Climb The Highest Mountain (with Dolly Cooper)
26  I Waited (The Buddies)
27  I Stole Your Heart (The Buddies)


  1. Excellent quartet! Thanks Jake. Isidoro.

  2. Good things come to those who wait.Thanks,looking for this few years.Any more Dipper cd coming in the