Sunday, February 12, 2017

Foolish Dreams - Fi-Tones

01  Foolish Dreams 
02  Let's Fall In Love
03  It Wasn't A Lie
04  Lots And Lots Of Love
05  I'll Be Around 
06  The Last One To Know 
07  I Call To You
08  Love You Baby
09  I Belong To You
10  Silly & Sappy
11  Waiting For Your Call
12  My Tired Feet
13  Y-O-U 
14  No Wedding Today
15  You'll Be The Last
16  Wake Up
17  What Am I Gonna Do
18  Deep In My Heart
19  Minnie
20  The Pair Of Heart And Soul (Unreleased)
21  What Am I Gonna Do (Alt  Take)
22  Let's Talk It Over (Unreleased)
23  My Life Is In Your Hands (Unreleased)
24  You're Spinning (Unreleased Fragment)

booklet :


  1. some tracks are not by the fi-tones butby the parakeets & al jackson,some other are by vic donna & parakeets cf unca marvin


    1. Anon ... I don't know if you're right but I just uploaded the booklet that came with the cd.