Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our True Story - Jive Five

01  My True Story
02  Dou You Hear Wedding Bells 
03  Begging You Please
04  Rain (Makes My Baby Cry)
05  Johnny Never Knew 
06  People From Another World
07  What Time Is It
08  When I Was Single 
09  These Golden Rings
10  Girl With The Wind In Her Hair
11  I Don't Wanna Be Without You Baby
12  No Not Again
13  Hurry Back
14  You Know What I Would Do
15  Never, Never, Never
16  Hully Gully Callin' Time
17  Lily Marlene
18  She's My Girl



  1. Thanks a lot Jake, for the last three compilations. The others beautiful 40 Vols have already had previously on Jukebox City. Isidoro.

  2. Thank you. Decades later, the Jive Five did the bumpers for Nickelodeon.