Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Herald Sessions - Mellokings

01  Tonight, Tonight
02  I Promise
03  Our Love Is Beautiful
04  Sassafras
05  Once On A Windy Day  
06  The Only Girl  
07  Kid Stuff
08  Chapel On The Hill
09  Chip Chip
10  Valerie  
11  Starbright  
12  Baby Tell Me
13  Do Baby Do  
14  Running To You 
15  Penny 
16  I Played The Part Of A Fool
17  Thrill Me (unissued)
18  Dear Mr Jock  
19  Till There Were None 
20  Workout (unissued)
21  She's Real Cool
22  Love At First Sight
23  Chapel On The Hill (alt)
24  Chip Chip (alt)
25  Tonight, Tonight (alt)
26  Love At First Sight (alt)


  1. Thanks for The Mellokings.
    Do you have any good collection about The Sandpipers? (I like "Come Saturday morning" song).
    The Sandpipers were a good vocals band from the sixties, like The Arbors, The Lettermen, The Vogues... Are you going to upload any LP about them? I think that they were vocal groups harmony too!


    1. There are so many vocal groups. Posting them all here would give a mess of styles and categories. So I focus mainly on Doo Wop. Lettermen and Vogues can be found on the Jukebox City site. Country vocal groups are on the El Rancho blog. Sandpipers I have none (yet?).


    2. PS Sandpipers are here :

  2. Jake, many thanks for the Mellokings...great.