Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chronicles 3 - Five Satins

01  She's Gone With The Wind - Fred Paris & The Scarlets
02  Our Love Is Forever
03  Silver Waters
04  That's Love 
05  To The Aisle (Alternate Take) 
06  Candlelight (Alternate Take)
07  Playmates
08  Church Bells Played The Blues 
09  The Voice (Acapella) 
10  Our Anniversary (Alternate)
11  A Love With No Love In Return (Alternate) 
12  The Jones Girl (Alternate) 
13  I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night) (Alternate)
14  Baby Face
15  A Night To Remember (Take 2)
16  Love With No Love In Return (Take 5)
17  Pretty Baby (Takes 1 & 3)
18  When The Swallows Come Back From Capistrano (Take 12)
19  To The Aisle (Take 5)
20  Wish I Had My Baby (Alternate Take)


track info disc 3 : http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/V6bkOzGx/file.html


  1. Five Satins, one of the best realities of its time and how it affected people in good way. That is also a good story.

  2. Thank you so much for this comprehensive 5 Satins collection! A wonderful group who made some powerful recordings. Much appreciated!

  3. I like all the songs and videos of satin five and the harmony group music. They really have different music and vocalists are also amazing. I will buy this collection too. Thanks for sharing the list of five satin's music hits.