Monday, May 1, 2017

Here Come - The Pearls

01  Zippity Zippity Zoom 
02  Shadows Of Love
03  My Oh My 
04  Ice Cream Baby 
05  The Vow
06  I Sure Need You
07  Yum Yummy
08  Your Cheatin' Heart
09  Band Of Angels 
10  Real Humdinger 
11  Bells Of Love
12  Let's You And I Go Steady
13  More Than The Day Before
14  It's Love, Love, Love
15  Tree In The Meadow
16  You're Not In Love With Me 
17  Yuz-A-Ma-Tuz
18  Ugly Face
19  The Wheel Of Love 
20  Rockin' Horse
21  Please Let Me Know
22  Come On Home


  1. Wow! Two great groups: The Pearls & Kac-Ties. Many thanks Jake. Isidoro.

  2. Jake, thanks for sharing the Pearls.

  3. Thank you. Your Cheatin' Heart is a classic.

  4. I keep getting a 500 intrnal server error on this one.


    1. Duane ... I just checked and no problems here. Please delete your cookies, empty the cache and try again.