Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Put Your Rockin' Shoes On - Ames Brothers

01  Three Dollars and Ninety-Eight Cents 
02  Music! Music! Music!
03  Don't Leave Me Now 
04  Dancin' In The Street 
05  Hawaiian War Chant 
06  Candy Bar Boogie
07  A Happy Pair 
08  You Are My Sunshine
09  Melodie D'Amour 
10  Rockin' Shoes
11  Hallelujah
12  I Want Someone To Come Home To 
13  Rag Mop
14  September Song
15  Forty-Nine Shades of Green
16  In Love
17  Night Train
18  Undecided 
19  Little Gipsy 
20  Dear Hearts And Gentle People
21  I'm Gonna Love You 
22  When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
23  My Little Grass Shack 
24  Boogie Woogie Maxixe
25  Sweet Brown Eyed Baby 
26  Wang Wang Blues 
27  I Wanna Love You
28  Yeah Yeah Yeah
29  Seventeen


  1. Thank you very much for this CD. I've been looking some time for an Ames Brothers Collection-CD.

  2. I haven't heard them yet but seems like I have to. I just hope they are worth listening. Thank you for sharing album details with us

  3. Jake,

    It's hard to find the words to express my gratefulness for your music sharing energies and generosity.
    I'm a music NUT, and veer toward the happier, upbeat styles -- but also love dreamy ballads.
    I cannot live without R n R, Country, Big Band, and DOO WOP!!
    It took me too long to find you here at this heavenly Group Harmony blog. Maybe because it's not linked in yousr and Maria's fantastic Jukebox City blog.
    I'm here now, and will be in Heaven on earth for the foreseeable future!:)

    THANKS a MILLION, my friend.


    PS -
    Thanks a bunch especially for sharing the Ames Bros & the Mills Bros !!!

    1. Tank ... it's good to see you here. Enjoy the music and take care.

    2. Thank you, Jake -- you take care too:)