Sunday, April 30, 2017

Greatest Hits - Kac-Ties

01  Girl In My Heart
02  Let Your Love Light Shine
03  Oh What A Night
04  Happy Birthday 
05  Mr Were Wolf
06  Walkin' In The Rain
07  Until We Two Are One 
08  Smile (Baby)
09  Too Proud To Let You Know
10  Say You Love Me
11  Let Me In Your Life
12  Donald Duck 
13  Crowd With The Phony Tattoo
14  Back To The Beach 
15  Over The Rainbow (Acapella)
16  What Did I Do Wrong (Acapella)
17  The Best Of My Life (Acapella)
18  Walkin' In The Rain (Acapella)
19  I've Got To Learn To Twist (Acapella)
20  Island Of Love (Acapella)